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An enterprise platform with a complementary suite of products offering Unstructured Data Management, Business Operations and Risk Management, and Knowledge Analytics & Insights Engine. 


Find out how our complementary suite of products can automate the management of rapidly growing enterprise unstructured data and dramatically transform business operations and risk management practices while exploring business growth opportunities

Prepare for critical business and risk events in a new way by finding critical contractual and contractual event provisions in advance.



Nearly 80% of the data in Financial Services is generally considered unstructured and left unsed or very inefficiently used for critical business decisions or optimizing operations or managing risks. Additionally, such unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate of 60% to 80% annually. At best, only 30% of any unstructured data is being exploited, albeit inefficiently. 

Unstructured data comes in all shapes and forms

  • We have a unique and template-free approach to creating a digital blueprint of any unstructured data ingested into the platform; real data to real users at real-time.

Unstructured data comes with a lot of business information

  • We have a unique domain specific semantic data model approach to extract legal clauses, business entities, facts, rules, and translate rules to executable mathematical formulae. 

Unstructured information can be highly linguistic in nature, especially legal documents

  • We have a unique semantics based intent classification technique along with an approach to empower the users to train the machine.
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Aftermath effects of 2008-2009 global liquidity crisis has put the middle-office operations and risk management practices at the heart of Financial Services. Combined with regulatory compliance pressures, ever increasing cost of operations and efficiently conducting global operations are the need of the day for effective business transformation into the new world of Artificial Intelligence. 

Market research indicates that nearly 50% of the middle-office FTEs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence based systems. This, however, is a universal conundrum as the AI techniques are only as good as the data it is applied to. The answer to the conundrum lies in the connected nature of the data and ability of the AI platforms to utilize such data connections. Imagine when, not if, you could:

  • Combine unstructured contractual information with structured  information such as market data and reference data to automate business operations and risk management. 
  • A User Experience focused intuitive Dashboard to get a snapshot of entire business operations at your finger tips.
  • A configurable 'Smart Ranking' based approach to classify and prioritize global operations.
  • A time-sliced projection of start of day, intraday, and end of day operational activities.
  • Ability of seamlessly integrate with internal and external applications for a holistic view of the business.
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Semantically understand and transform (semi)structured and unstructured data into a Knowledge Graph. Add a wide range of legal and operational information including:

  • Legal Agreements
  • Derivatives Products
  • Trades and Valuations
  • Securities and Prices
  • Asset Inventories and Positions
  • Accounts and Ratings
  • Exchange and Interest Rates

Speed up:

  • Visualization of data relationships across multiple silos of information
  • Creation of alerts and notifications on critical data anomalies
  • Regulatory compliance across legal, operations, and funding activities
  • Answering not only ‘known unknown’ questions but ‘unknown unknown’ questions using semantic analytics
  • Execution of actionable recommendations to optimize the entire value chain of any chosen line of business
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