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Find out how semantic contracts go beyond PDF or WORD or XML. Find out how to take a non-intrusive journey to distributed ledgers.


Semantic contracts become living data, able to respond to queries. Finding and comparing contract terms gives you the means to find anomalies and outliers.

Prepare for critical business and risk events in a new way by finding critical provisions in advance.

OTC Derivatives Solution


New UMR phases will bring a rapid increase in the number of margin agreements. Imagine you could:

  • Receive legal agreements from new contract negotiation platforms
  • Transform legal agreements into readily usable margin agreements tailored to your current collateral management application
  • Find trends and anomalies hidden in legacy agreements and prepare for re-negotiation
  • Transform your margin agreements into a ‘Semantic Smart Contract’ on your preferred distributed ledger / blockchain network
  • Reconcile your margin agreements with those of your counterparties and create a single source of truth for all contractual parties
  • Search and explore contracts in most granular detail to speed up review and approval workflows
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Use our cloud delivered solution, with zero deployment to your firm, or install it on your premise/private cloud to experience a next generation collateral management platform, that exceeds industry needs:

  • A single dashboard for margin, settlement, interest, and substitution snapshots with time-sliced prioritization for operations
  • Exposure calculation for VM and prioritization of operations using ‘Smart Ranking’ functionality
  • ISDA SIMM supported through integration
  • Reconciliation of exposure calculations with your counterparties even before margin communication to proactively reduce disputes
  • Counterparty communication via traditional messaging routes or a distributed ledger or an interoperation between the two
  • Reduce your dispute resolution time and effort by being able to navigate through all factors contributing towards a dispute
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Semantically understand and transform structured and unstructured data into a Knowledge Graph. Add a wide range of legal and operational information including:

  • Margin Agreements
  • Derivatives Products
  • Trades and Valuations
  • Securities and Prices
  • Asset Inventories and Positions
  • Accounts and Ratings
  • Exchange and Interest Rates

Speed up:

  • Visualization of data relationships across multiple silos of information
  • Creation of alerts and notifications on critical data anomalies
  • Regulatory compliance across legal, operations, and funding activities
  • Answering not only ‘known unknown’ questions but ‘unknown unknown’ questions using semantic analytics
  • Execution of actionable recommendations to optimize the entire derivatives life-cycle
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